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The 'AD' Process - How does it work? 


At Asgard Renewables we convert organic material like food wastes, agricultural slurries, and processing waste liquids into a methane-rich biogas using a process called 'Anaerobic Digestion' (AD).  Billions of bacteria in our digester tanks break down the organic material to release the energy within as a methane fuel. 

We use this fuel in our 'Combined Heat and Power' (CHP) engines to turn electricity generators.  This green power is fed into the National Grid - Asgard Renewables can power up to 1300 homes! 

We also recover the heat produced by our CHP engines and recycle it back into our AD process - and once the gas has been extracted from the material a nutrient-rich liquid remains that serves as a beneficial agricultural fertiliser - fully certified under the BSI:PAS110 Biofertiliser Certification Scheme

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